We are a company with a long history in the intimate fashion sector, present in the national and international market as manufacturers of men's underwear, boxer briefs made of fabric, boxer briefs made of lycra cotton, briefs, clothing to be at home ( pajamas) and bath.

Founded in 1978 in Barcelona with the sole idea of ​​giving a new option to the man to feel as well dressed inside as on the outside, with different pieces, both in design and quality and with the use of raw materials also from the highest quality..

Currently we belong to an important group in the market for the production and sale of fabrics, TEXTIL BALAGUER, JABA TEXTIL, so we give added value to our products since part of our collection (fabrics) is made with fabrics Manufactured by ourselves in our CALDES DE MONTBUI factory, (BARCELONA), headquarters of our company.

Like any brand, GIULIO has its star product or best sellers, it is the collections of fabric boxer shorts that is what most of our customers know us, fabric boxers with American sewing and made of 100% cotton fabrics and always being attentive to the latest trends in fashion.

Other collections that you can find with our brand and also developed with the same design and quality standards, are those of lycra cotton boxers, pajamas and bathing suits.